Sholi's journey to producing great quality coffee starts from preparing our own seeds. coffee trees are distributed freely to existing and young farmers to inspire the next generation of young coffee farmers.

Our mission is to lift each other towards better livelihoods through coffee farming.

The quality of our coffee does not come with ease. We treat it with rigorous care at each stage of the process.

Before export, The coffee is tested to ensure we deliver the same ordered quality.

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At Sholi, we care a great deal about the lives of our farmers and local community. We make sure our coffee is sustainably produced with the best quality.

Our Products

Fully Washed

Fully washed

Natural coffee

Natural Coffee


Honey Coffee

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Roasted Coffee

Customers love our coffee

Our Sholi ‘Top Lot’ won the second inaugural Sholi & CCR cupping competition with a stunning bouquet of vibrant pink fruits and floral notes. Processed in the natural style using only the very ripest cherries, this coffee was then hand sorted and carefully dried for up to 30 days.
Sholi coffees have some of the deepest citrus acidity we’ve seen from the great lakes countries, shining with ruby red grapefruit and juicy blood orange. Additional layers of mango, orange, and dark berry are balanced by honey and finish with lavender.
Sholi takes their environmental impact very seriously. This includes careful mulching techniques to mitigate soil erosion, water rotation in the washing station to avoid waste water, and the re-use of organic waste by-products as organic fertilizer for farmers

Our Certificates .

We work with organizations whom we share the vision.

Our Partners .

Located in between the green hills of Rwanda is Abateraninkunga Ba Sholi, a coffee cooperative in the Cyeza sector in Muhanga district.

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