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Located in between the green hills of Rwanda is Abateraninkunga Ba Sholi, a coffee cooperative in the Cyeza sector in Muhanga district. By offering high quality green beans to the world, people can enjoy the amazing taste of Rwandan specialty coffee. We process our cherries ourselves at our washing stations, this way we secure the quality of the cherries and offer our members and farmers financial security. At Sholi we empower our farmers and enrich our community. This is reflected in the quality and amazing taste of our coffee.

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Sholi Coffee
100% coffee ARABICA

Type of Processing:

Coffee Full Washed (Specialty Grade)

through washing station.

Grade: A1

Growing Altitude: 1800-2000m

Soil: Volcanic to Stand-clay

Volume of Production: 5 Contains of green coffee

Harvesting: Selective hand picking

Drying: Natural direct sun-drying

Exportation Intermediary: RWACHOSCCO

Rwanda Cup of Excellence:
2014; Place 17, with a score of 86.50
2015; Place 15, with score of 86.86


Sholi coffee originally started out as a small association of about 30 women. They bundled their strengths in small farming and put a money rotation system in place, to be able to help each other grow. Back then, coffee was only a small part of the association, there was no profitable market for coffee cherries as there was no washing station in area. This changed when two years later, the mission of the association changed, and we eventually became a cooperative. From this point on, men also joined. Slowly the cooperative started growing, adding new members every year and in 2014, Sholi opened its very own washing station. Now farmers from the whole area can bring their cherries to the washing station, where it is processed in bulks. By centrally processing the cherries, we are able to secure and improve the quality of the coffee, create better access to the market and improve the lives and financial situation of our members and farmers. We have the permit to establish our second washing station nearby, so we can reach even more farmers and introduce more people to our amazing coffee.



It takes about 3 years for a coffee tree to bear fruit. In the harvest season, farmers from all over the region bring their hand-picked red coffee cherries to the Sholi coffee washing station. Some by truck, while smaller farmers transport by bike or even their heads. Only the reddest and best quality cherries are accepted and farmers receive a fair price. At the washing station the coffee is sorted and all defects are removed. Every cherry consists of two parched coffee beans covered in pulp. This pulp is removed and the parchment is fermented for 12 to 18 hours. The parchment is then washed and soaked. Afterwards, the parchment is moved to appropriate covered tables for sorting. Lastly, it is put on drying tables in the sun for 21 days. The parchment is safely stored until being transported to Kigali. In Kigali, the parchment is being removed and the green coffee beans are ready for export.



Rwanda, the land of 1,000 hills, is a relative new player in the coffee industry. Coffee plays a huge role in the economy of the country. The heights and weather conditions are ideal for producing the world’s best specialty coffee. The geographical circumstances of Rwanda make it impossible to mechanise the harvest, so all coffee is hand-picked and hand-sorted. Rwanda has a rich and turbulent history. After the horrors of 1994, the people are more united and insist to build up the country together again. Rwanda is the fastest growing economy of Africa. The key of their successful businesses is their strong focus on community impact.

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