Abateraninkunga ba Sholi Coffee Cooperative

Our Story

Before the establishment of Abateraninkunga ba Sholi coffee cooperative, in our region, coffee was sold to opaque markets and at significantly low prices. Due to this, farmers were starting to lose interest in growing coffee as they couldn’t see the benefits associated with the hard work involved. On the other hand, our country had just started rebuilding following the 1994 genocide against Tutsis.In 2008, thirty (30) brave women who happen to be the founders of today’s cooperative, had bundled their efforts, and started an association whose main services were small scale farming business and money rotation among themselves. In 2010, the association welcomed other members including men and later in 2013, the association became an autonomous cooperative which is now Abateraninkunga ba Sholi coffee cooperative, commonly known as Sholi coffee. “Abateraninkunga” is a Kinyarwanda name that translates “mutual assistance”, and we build on our name to keep our mission of lifting each other towards better livelihoods.

Everything we do is centered around
the lives of our farmers

10years Producing & Exporting good coffee to the World


Our mission is to create a high quality specialty coffee. Through community building, high quality standards and a well established relationship with our partners.

Our vision is to strengthen the lives of farmers and introduce the world to the amazing taste and quality of Rwandan specialty coffee.

OUR Values

Our governing team

Mukakarangwa Marthe.


Leonidas Kabera


Jean Bosco Ngomituje


Our staff team

Nshimiye Aimable

Managing Director

Claudine Mukamurera

Coffee Quality&Logistics

Tuyishimire Pascal


Elisabeth Umutoniwimana


Gisele Uwayezu

Store Keeper

Gustave Nikomeze

Data manager

Jeannette Mizero


Yvone Niyotwagira

CASHIER & Secretary

Napoleon Kwizera

CWS Manager

Julien Bizimana

Documentation Officer