The changes in the neighborhood after the establishment of Sholi cooperative are miraculous. First of all, a lot of people moved away from high-risk zones to a settlement area. Sholi offers a lot of jobs for the community, this creates food security and improves living conditions. Thanks to Sholi cooperative, health insurances and school fees can be paid. Most importantly, they built a health care center which is accessible for all inhabitants of Sholi cell. You can really notice that everyone wants to be a member of Sholi cooperative as it offers you a financial protection, but also non-members are happy with the cooperative as it has enriched the whole community.

Cecile Musabyimana

Executive secretary of Sholi cell

Before joining Sholi, I did not have market for my crops. Now my farm has become 5 times more productive! My children are able to join university and develop themselves. The best thing about Sholi is their fairness towards their members. When they make extra profit, they make sure it goes back to the farmers. Sholi really cares about its farmers and community.

Leonidas Kabera

Sholi's largest farmer

I used to be a coffee dealer, I would buy coffee from farmers and then sell it. I also had a few trees myself, but because there was no washing station in the region, there wasn’t much profit in it. This all changed when I became a Sholi member. They give me a fair price for my coffee cherries and I was able to buy more land to grow my coffee trees. I saved enough money to help my husband open a little shop in our village. Right now, I even have the ability to employ people myself and improve their lives, the way Sholi did for me. It’s an honor to work for Sholi and create better opportunities for my children and grandchildren.

Scholastique Mujawayezu


I have been involved with Sholi from the beginning, when it was still an association and our main focus wasn’t coffee yet. Thanks to Sholi’s growth, I am now able to provide for myself and my family. My children were able to develop themselves, travel away from the area and have better opportunities. I am proud that my children have learned from my experience of working in a cooperative. While the cooperative is growing, Sholi is still one community who helps each other and has fun together. The relationships within the cooperative are very strong and I am proud to be part of it.

Cecile Mukagasana

Founding member

Becoming a member of Sholi has really improved my life, thanks to Sholi, I was not only able to buy more land, they also provided me with trainings on how to use my land more efficiently. The quality of my coffee plantation improved a lot and I got a better price for them. My financial situation stabilized, I restored my house, got solar panels and permanent livestock

Joel Twizeyumukiza


Located in between the green hills of Rwanda is Abateraninkunga Ba Sholi, a coffee cooperative in the Cyeza sector in Muhanga district.

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